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HYNGD is a hard rock group that works hard to get noticed on a national level. Emerging from New York the band has played many venues in the United States and has opened for over 50 national acts, such as GODSMACK, SEVENDUST, KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, SALIVA, DROWNING POOL, FUEL, etc... HYNGD continues to grow their fan base from each show they play and from all over the world. "I think we have a sound that everyone can relate to in their lives", the rock world needs something positive so lets all get HYNGD! The band continues to rock the world while they look for a record label or management group that could help them reach the main stream on SIRIUS OCTANE. The band's single "Alive Inside" was released in the fall of '09 and has gotten a great response, then in 2014 "Last Breath" was released and played on FM radio and Liquid Metal on SIRIUS. In the same year HYNGD also got endorsed by COLDCOCK WHISKEY, Peavey, Jericho Guitars, ARB Pickups, AmongSaints Clothing, etc... Needless to say the band is rolling. Right now HYNGD is setting up 2024 Tour Dates...STAY TUNED.


"They hit the stage like a band with something to prove, playing tight hard rock" "It was solid rock and roll in the Godsmack tradition, and it was played with power and conviction."

Chris Beaumont - BC Magazine



HYNGD - An explosive rock band with the attitude to match.

Kelley Adinolf - / AXS Entertainment



"Hyngd is compared to one of the great bands from there rock solid performance at Rock The Ink 08 with Godsmack

George Austin - LimeLight Magazine

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